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Duval Land Management and Construction LLC: For all Your Needs


We provide mastication services as well as Brush and Field Mowing, Tree Removal, Stump Removal, Stump Grinding, Tree trimming, Gravel Driveway/Road Building and Repair, Culvert Installation and Maintenance, Tractor Services, Excavator Services, Land Clearing, Roadside Vegitation Management, Right of way Clearing, Building Site Preperation, Retaining Walls, Fencing, Decks, Patio Covers, and General Construction. Get ahold of us to get an estimate today! 

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Committed to Excellence

I’m a General Contractor in the Elmira, Oregon area. I started in the Land Management and Construction industries in 2002. I began working for myself in 2022 and have developed extensive knowledge and experience in a wide range of areas throughout the years. No matter why you hire me, I’m committed to making sure I give 100 percent to each job I take on. Contact me to set up a no-obligation consultation today.


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Fair Prices, Excellent Service

Please Leave a detailed description of the project that you would like completed. Measurements are very helpfull. If we need any more information or need to visit the site we will contact you.

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Excavation and Grading

Attention to Detail Guaranteed

I offer this service at an extremely competitive rate while not compromising on a quality finish. Get in touch to learn more.


Accessory Structures

Attention to Detail Guaranteed

Whether you want s small shed, gazebo,  or a large shop we can build it for you.  Get in touch to learn more.


Property reclamation 

Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional Service

Tree trimming and removal. Brush clearing and stump removal. There are so many different types of projects, and that's why I make sure to discuss every detail with you before beginning so you know exactly what to expect, and exactly how much it’s going to cost.


Mastication and Vegitation Management

Reducuction of excessive brush

Excavator Forestry Mulching materials up to 8 Inches. Removal or piling of materials over 8 Inches.
Tractor Brush Hogging and Flail Mowing, materials up to 2 inches.

I’ll take on any project, no matter how large or small. Contact me today and see what I can do for you.


Some Examples of My Work

Deck, porches, and patios

If you need a deck, porch, or patio built, or finished.  Give us a call or send a message. 


Kitchen remodel

Remodeling projects.  This was a fire damaged kitchen repaired and brought up to date from the 80's.


Stump grinding

This client took out 350 trees and needed the stumps ground down so they could mow their new yard space.  


Door replacement

The door frame was rotted out and the window to large for this garage entry door.  A new door with a smaller window and a new door frame fixed the issues. 



This greenhouse was built with mostly repurposed materials. 


Land Improvement

Let us help you make that unusable space more useable to you. We will work with you to make a plan that best fits your needs. 


Tree Trimming and Removal's

Trimming and removing tree's is one of our favorite things to do. Get the sun in to where you would like it with a trim or a removal. Most tree's that require a removal have some structural problems or the customer feels that they may fall on their house someday. Trimming trees can help reduce the stress from weight and wind on the tree's structure and help the overall health of the tree. Fruit trees benefit greatly from being trimmed. A good trim not only makes them look better when not dormant but also help with fruit productivity and quality. Any tree that is dead or dying should be removed if in close proximity to structures and roads so it doesnt cause a problem when it falls. 


Land Clearing, Brush Mulching, Field Mowing

Our equipment and attachements allow us to complete a variety of tasks from mowing an overgrown pasture to clearing an area to build houses or roads. With our excavator and forestry mulcher we can be more precise and only remove unwanted brush and tree's. Mulch can be left and larger material cleaned up and piled to be burned or disposed of. 


Like what you see? Call me today and get an estimate on your next project.


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